Own Your Throne: Viewers lambast Bobby Blanco for wasting his opportunity on the show

Wednesday night’s episode of Own Your Throne saw Boity’s social media manager, Bobby Blanco, failing to fulfil his duties, yet again, leading to the team being frustrated with him.

The latest episode of BET Africa’s Own Your Throne, which aired on Wednesday, 8 April 2020, saw Boity’s social media manager, Bobby Blanco, being fired from his position. This was after numerous incidents which highlighted his poor contribution to the team, resulting in the decision to cut ties with him. The episode also saw Boity’s mother, Modiehi, visiting celebrity dentist and musician, Dr Lex Leo, for a dental makeover.

Viewers shared their opinion on Bobby’s dismissal, with many expressing that he had wasted a good opportunity on the show, and being part of Boity’s team. Thuli Zion stated, “Am I the only who is glad Bobby is gone? I have had it with him as much as Bash has had it.” Another user stated, “Bobby makes me so angry. He’s so entitled. I don’t think he understood the opportunity he had.”

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Own Your Throne below.