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Pearl Modiadie comments on public’s apparent obsession with her child’s race

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Pearl Modiadie took to Twitter to comment on the continued fascination over her son’s race, following several responses to her recent post on the matter.

Pearl Modiadie took to Twitter on Monday, 5 April 2021, to showcase how she spent Family Day with her only child, Olivier Lewatle Oppenheimer, and his father. Modiadie has emphasised on numerous occasions that she and her ex-boyfriend, Nathaniel Oppenheimer, remain committed to raising their son amicably after their breakup.

However, another matter that Modiadie addressed was the continued commentary on the race of her son. Due to the fact that she was in a relationship with someone of a different race from her, she has had to deal with continuous commentary on the matter.

When a Twitter user highlighted the fact again, Modiadie replied to the comment by suggesting that the constant commentary is coming across as an obsession over an infant’s race. Considering that South Africa is a racially charged country, the matter may be one that Modiadie will have to address time and time again.

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