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Pearl Modiadie deletes tweet on being single

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Pearl Modiadie has retracted her tweet detailing the difficulty of facing the winter cold, due to choosing to be single over settling.

Pearl Modiadie took to Twitter on Wednesday, 21 July 2021, to confirm that she is single. The since-deleted post was shared in light of the cold front which has overtaken Gauteng. Modiadie, therefore, jokingly detailed how she could have been warmer if she had a partner, rather than the use of an electric blanket.

When asked why she is single, the star responded in yet another since-deleted post, claiming that it is because she knows her worth. Therefore, she is unwilling to compromise on her worth in order to have or stay in a relationship. Modiadie deleting her post and replies could suggest that the race of the father of her child was brought up by some, yet again.

The star continually has to filter between the hateful posts and those from actual fans. Therefore, it would make sense that the remaining posts from the engagement on her choice on being single are those that are light-hearted.

See the post below.

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