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Pearl Modiadie questioned about her supposed attraction to older men

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Pearl Modiadie’s relationship with her baby’s father was questioned when she made a comment about there being nothing wrong with dating older men, although her ex-boyfriend is only four years older than her.

Pearl Modiadie took to Twitter on Monday, 22 February 2021, to share her approval of women dating older men. She did so by referencing iconic singing sensation, Lionel Richie and his girlfriend, Lisa Parigi, who have a 30-year age gap between them. The conversation began on Pearl’s Metro FM radio show with co-host, Thomas Msengana, where they discussed if age should be a factor when it comes to love. Pearl tweeted, “It [is] nothing but a number.”

This sparked conversation on Twitter, with some users questioning if that was the case with her ex-boyfriend, Nathaniel Oppenheimer, who is also the father of her son, Lewatle Olivier. Pearl quickly clarified that her son’s father is only four years older than her, indicating that although she has no problem with a substantial age gap, it was not the case in her past relationship. The conversation quickly took a turn when some began to question her preferences, causing for her to conclude by stating, “I forgot you guys are weird on this app.”

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