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Pearl Modiadie receives Twitter backlash after posting about her private hospital experience

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On Saturday, 27 July 2019, Pearl Modiadie received backlash after publicly expressing her gratitude to the nurses for the treatment she received at a private hospital.

South African media personality, Pearl Modiadie, posted that she had received the best treatment at a Netcare hospital in Rosebank. In the post, Pearl expressed how she was well taken care of by the nurses at the hospital and that the experience almost came close to that of a hotel. She tweeted, “Shout out to the nurses at Netcare Rosebank Hospital for making my last night comfortable. I love hotels and it felt like I was in one.”

In response to the post, some social media users were not impressed as they felt that Pearl was bragging about her privilege and the treatment she received as a known personality. Some individuals felt that Pearl’s post disregarded people who are less privileged and have to make do with public hospitals.

One individual, who commented on the post, said, “Sometimes some of the things you keep them to yourself. We know that you are famous and maybe making some more money than a lot of people”. Pearl responded to the post saying that she will not succumb to being made to feel bad because of the individual’s feeling of inadequacy.

Following the comment by the individual, some social media users expressed that Pearl did not have to explain herself to anyone and if the experience was good, she should not be shamed for the luxurious hospital experience afforded to her.

Although Pearl did not share what she was admitted for, she had said to be well since being discharged. 


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