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Pearl Thusi breaks silence on transphobia accusations

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Pearl Thusi has expressed her frustrations with some Twitter users’ opinions of her, whom she claimed to have initially ignored because she was filming her latest movie in Thailand.

Pearl Thusi came under fire early last week after she topped the Twitter trends list when some people noticed she had retweeted tweets in defence of media personality, MacG. On Saturday, 30 January 2021, Pearl returned to the platform to explain that she had switched off the app so that she could focus on the movie she is currently working on in Thailand.

According to some Twitter users, the actress was showing support to the podcast host, who was being publicly lambasted for allegedly being transphobic. Pearl did not immediately address the criticism she received, and momentarily deactivated her Twitter account, which added fuel to the controversy surrounding her stance on MacG’s ongoing saga.

Upon her return, Pearl sarcastically apologised to all those who wasted their data on sharing hate about her. She added, “And any transgender woman I’ve met, any cross dresser etc. that I’ve enjoyed time with I’m pretty sure will say otherwise. But no one will speak of that while the heat on. Because people are afraid to cross black Twitter. There’s no love lost in my case.”

Pearl explained her frustrations with Twitter, and claimed that some users have set out to tarnish her name and career, something which she will not give into. She also clarified that she will use her page however she sees fit, and will continue to ignore the hate as it has no impact on her life.

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