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Pearl Thusi critical of men who are reluctant to share their money

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Pearl Thusi has weighed in on a debate about men being stingy or having no money, claiming that it is a choice that they have to make no matter how little they earn.

Pearl Thusi has spoken out on a comment made by a Twitter user on Sunday, 17 January 2021, who posed the question, “Are you stingy or you have no money?” After expressing her intrigue in the matter, Pearl weighed in with her own opinion, suggesting that although she is an independent woman, she encourages men to share their male privilege.

Pearl stated, “You either don’t have enough to spare or you’re just stingy. There’s also nothing wrong with that – the need to try and change the sentiment around stingy men is what I find hilarious, even as an independent woman – this whole thing is. Share your male privilege or…” Many users didn’t take kindly to her words, and argued that no one has the right to another individual’s income. Others claimed that it is her own complex if she finds it stingy.

Pearl chose not to engage in the slew of comments she received in return, and responded to a user who tweeted, “Male privilege? Please educate me.” Pearl responded, “Can someone please handle this? I have to go work out now.”

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