Pearl Thusi criticised after video of her mocking Bonang Matheba resurfaces

Pearl Thusi has become a point of controversy of late, as an old video of her making light of Bonang Matheba’s abuse allegations against ex-boyfriend, Euphonik, recently resurfaced.

Pearl Thusi has been dragged into the drama surrounding DJ Fresh and Euphonik, who are suffering reputational damage after being accused of rape, despite the case being dismissed. With both DJ Fresh and Euphonik having previously been accused of abuse, the public has begun to question why the DJs have been acquitted of all charges. Some have highlighted that similar allegations have been levelled against them on multiple occasions.

In particular, the public has brought up the 2015 incident involving Bonang and Euphonik, where she filed a case of assault against her ex-boyfriend, claiming that he had hit her. Despite Bonang being physically injured, the case was thrown out, ultimately clearing the DJ of any charges. Thereafter, Euphonik shared a video where he referred to her as “Hlanyo,” which directly translates to “mad person.”

Six years later, Twitter users have dug up a video of Pearl asking Euphonik for Nonke T-Shirts, claiming that she and her friend, Linda Moeketsi, were also “Hlanyos,” making fun of what he had called Bonang. The public is now questioning Pearl’s character, as well as why she had chosen to believe an alleged abuser instead of an alleged victim, who also happens to be a female industry colleague.

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