Pearl Thusi dresses as Piper from Orange Is The New Black for Halloween

Actress and media personality, Pearl Thusi, showcased her Halloween look on social media, dressed as Piper from Orange Is The New Black.

The South African star, who has gained prominence in the international television and film industry, is currently in Venice Beach, California, working on her latest project. Pearl took to her Instagram page to show off her costume for Halloween, a cultural holiday that is largely celebrated in The United States of America. She captioned the video with, “I am doing Halloween just so I can go to a party with my friends. This was a last minute arrangement.” The actress shared that she was planning on attending a party with friend, Mollie Rieggar, who filmed the video posted by Pearl.

The short clip sees Pearl wearing an orange jumpsuit, blonde wig and Europa Art sneakers, an outfit said to represent the character of Piper Chapman for the hit Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black. The video showcased her showing off her costume, which included handcuffs, and saw her stating, “Hey everybody, I’m Piper Chapman, as you can see. I’m out here… taking some shots and serving some time, how are you doing?”. Thereafter Pearl shared an image of herself sitting on a staircase, mimicking a promotional poster from the show.

Fans commented on the post, complimenting Pearl on her last minute Halloween costume. Lelo Mbonga commented with, “How did you manage to get an inmates costume and a blonde wig last minute? This is iconic!”.

Watch Pearl Thusi’s Instagram video below.