Pearl Thusi endorses petition against Zimbabwean law enforcements

Pearl Thusi has endorsed a petition against the Zimbabwean law enforcements’ alleged unconstitutional acts towards its citizens, as she joins many other South African public figures speaking out against the unrest in the country.

Pearl Thusi took to Twitter on Monday, 3 August 2020, to endorse a petition that has been created in an effort to garner support for action to be taken against the alleged unconstitutional acts of Zimbabwean law enforcements. The Queen Sono lead actress is one of the few South African media personalities who have attempted to do more than just retweet for awareness.

The petition against the Zimbabwean law enforcements, inclusive of “Zimbabwe’s army, police and state security agents,” seeks to oppose their alleged disregard for the constitution and minimise acts of violence against citizens. The petition has already garnered well over 25 000 signatures.

See Pearl Thusi’s post below.