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Pearl Thusi reiterates the need for unity amongst South African actors

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Pearl Thusi poses in short hair and subtle make-up

Following the recent conversation about artists allegedly being exploited by broadcasters and production houses, Pearl Thusi has reiterated the importance of unity amongst South African actors. 

On Wednesday, 9 October 2019, actress and media personality, Pearl Thusi, lambasted a follower who misquoted her, following the actress speaking out against the alleged ill treatment of talent in South Africa.

Pearl Thusi first shared her sentiments on Tuesday, 8 October 2019. In her tweet, the Queen Sono actress stated, “Actors aren’t unified. And until artists and crew stand for each other and bite the bullet. [The exploitation], will not end.”

However, the former Zone 14 actress, who has been vocal on many of Twitter’s trending topics like colourism and #OpenUpTheIndustry, reminded her followers why she has been less vocal. In her tweet she stated, “When you don’t agree. My skin colour is the next issue you attack. No thank you. I know my place. My opinion can’t only matter when Twitter decides for me.”

A social media user then attempted to lambast her, using her tweets about South African actors needing to have a unified front to suggest, “So Pearl Thusi is asking for an actors’ union. What is [the South African Guild of Actors] doing actually? They have been the union for actors, though, for her to not even recognise them shows how all actors are really out there for themselves.”

Pearl responded to the follower by emphasising that, “I definitely asked for it to be STRENGTHENED by the industry. Journalism is just not what it used to be.” Moreover, the star then shared an interview she did in 2017 following her season on the American series, Quantico, asking for production houses and broadcasters to pay talent their worth and for local talent to have a more unified front.

Sabelo Makhubo
[email protected]