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Pearl Thusi responds to backlash after outburst on Twitter

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Pearl Thusi has topped the Twitter trends list for her choice of words when dealing with criticism, claiming that the constant engagement she gets on social media translates to money.

Pearl Thusi came under fire on Wednesday, 20 January 2021, when she responded to a Twitter user in what many deemed was a shameful way. In her response to a user who commented on her personal life, Pearl stated, “If only your mother had seen my condom advert on time.” The actress went on to publish a slew of insults to those who have been criticising her of late, leading to her topping the Twitter trends.

The public began discussing Pearl’s treatment of her followers, with some claiming that her recent outbursts have been unnecessary. One user tweeted, “If South African celebrities swear to the South African fans and followers, where do they think they will get their support? Pearl Thusi is rude and Boity said people are cockroaches!”

Upon realizing that her words had caused some controversy, Pearl decided to explain herself, however, she did not retract what she said. She stated, “It’s all good to respect conflicting opinions – until someone is rude. And at that point – expect anything. Don’t change the rules because you, or someone who’s rudeness you agree with gets that fire spit back…”

The actress also explained that the engagement she receives on social media translates to money for her, which is why she will not be holding back on sharing her opinions.

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