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Pearl Thusi retaliates to constant criticism

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Pearl Thusi took to Twitter to rant about the hateful messages she has received, which she feels are unnecessary because those who do not like her should not follow her.

Pearl Thusi has been involved in a series of debates on Twitter this past week, and has sparked controversy amongst users who have publicly questioned her opinions. Feeling fed up about the backlash, the Queen Sono actress took to the social media platform on Tuesday, 19 January 2021, to express her frustration at those who follow her with the intention of criticising her, asking for them to take their negativity elsewhere.

She stated, “I really wish people who don’t like me, or anyone else for that matter, just ignored and focused on what they actually love and care about. And focus on things that bring them joy… But yet, they go where no asked them to, to tell us what they want.”

Her comments fuelled further outrage from some user on the platform, who claimed that she should refrain from generalising in her tweets, as it opens room for criticism. One user commented, “Men this, men that, stay away from men if that’s the case.”

Coming to Pearl’s defence, a fan explained that she has spoken about injustices in the past, and if a person gets offended, it is because they see truth in what she says. Pearl added, “South African men (yes, I’m generalizing) have no f*cking clue, wow. Just a bunch of whatever Fikile Mbalula called [you all].”

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