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Pearl Thusi retaliates to Twitter user’s comment about her sister

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Pearl Thusi did not hold back when responding to a Twitter user who took the liberty to upload an image of her younger sister, Prunella, claiming that she is not wife material.

Pearl Thusi took to Twitter on Thursday, 14 January 2021, to call out a follower who found it necessary to insult her younger sister, Prunella Thusi, on the public platform. In a since-deleted tweet, a man posted an image of Prunella and captioned it, “You can never build a home with this kind of woman.”

The tweet immediately gained traction, and it was not long before Pearl saw what he had said about her sister. Pearl quickly responded with a comeback that caused for the user to immediately delete his post, however, the public is still able to see what the actress stated.

Pearl retaliated by claiming that men without money are quick to insult women who are beautiful and far more established than them. She concluded by suggesting that his mother should have raised him better.

See the post below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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