Pearl Thusi suggests attempt of enlistment by the DA

Pearl Thusi alluded to the DA supposedly attempting to enlist her, however, the DA’s Mike Moriarty cast doubt on such a suggestion.

Pearl Thusi took to Twitter on Thursday, 22 July 2021, to suggest that she is being contacted by the Democratic Alliance (DA). The star, since her return to Twitter, has been more politically conscious. She even trended after suggesting that her previous campaign in support of the African National Congress (ANC) was a paid promotion which she did to feed herself and her family.

Moreover, the star created engagement on what would be a suitable alternative when voting for a political party. During that discussion, Thusi made it clear that she would not vote for the DA under any circumstances. Therefore, her tweeting about the DA supposedly texting her suggested that the political party is attempting to enlist her support.

Twitter users commented by suggesting that she was looking for attention. The sentiments were further corroborated by the DA’s Gauteng Chief Whip, Mike Moriarty, who responded on behalf of the party. He stated, “Hi. We use the voters’ roll. POPIA permits parties to do this. If the text did indeed come from us you can reply STOP and you won’t get further texts from us. Regards, Mike.”

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