Pearl Thusi’s daughters interview her for Good Housekeeping magazine feature

Pearl Thusi and her two daughters, Thando and Okuhle, shared their first magazine cover and exclusive interview as a family for the November/December issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

On Monday, 28 October 2019, model and media personality, Pearl Thusi, shared her second magazine cover for November 2019. The Behind The Story host is on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine, South Africa. Moreover, she graces the cover with her daughters, Thando and Okuhle, showcasing holiday fashion must-haves for the festive season.

However, besides gracing the November/December issue of the publication, the family also did their first and exclusive interview with the publication. The interview provides insight into the family’s relationship and how Pearl interacts with her daughters.

The first half of the interview sees Thando, her eldest daughter, asking her mother a series of questions. Her questions ranged from asking Pearl what her biggest regret is, when she had her first kiss and one that was asked multiple times until Pearl answered honestly, “What do you do after we go to bed?” Pearl Thusi tried playing coy, changing her answer from, “I sleep,” to “I go bath,” to eventually, “I… go out when I have to.”

When it was her second and youngest daughter’s chance to ask questions, Okuhle had one question to ask and that was what Pearl’s favourite song is. Pearl Thusi initially got the answer wrong when she chose the nursery rhyme, Baby Shark. However, when she started singing the Moana theme song, it struck a chord with the bashful Okuhle, who sang along with her mother.

Watch the video of Pearl Thusi being interviewed by her daughters below.