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Phuma Moy’Omubi: An intelligent student is sabotaged by a classmate

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Phuma Moy’Omubi’s Thursday night episode will see Thobani’s classmate growing jealous of his grades, which leads to him bewitching him so he fails his exams.

Phuma Moy’Omubi’s upcoming episode, which airs on Moja Love tonight, 15 October 2020, will follow Thobani, whose dreams of getting into university were threatened because of a jealous classmate. After achieving 90 percent on a test, Thobani’s teacher praised him in front of the class, while questioning the other students on their poor performances. The students were advised about the importance of the examinations and the impact on their future.

The preview of the upcoming episode shows Thobani assisting his jealous classmate with his studies, who ends up bewitching him. The curse causes Thobani to lose his eyesight, making it impossible for him to write his exams.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of Phuma Moy’Omubi below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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