Pinty makes surprise exit from Survivor SA: Immunity Island

Pinty from Survivor SA: Immunity Island was the second castaway to be voted off the island, which came as a surprise to her more than viewers.

On Thursday, 10 June 2021, M-Net’s Survivor South Africa (SA): Immunity Island aired the second episode of the eighth season. The first episode started on a high, as the first castaway to be voted off, Jason Brookstein, left after a blindside experienced by both viewers and some of his camp members.

In the second episode, viewers saw the decline of what was expected to be the strong Vuna tribe. In the first episode, the tribe was presented as the team to beat, winning both the reward challenge and the elimination challenge. However, all it took was the second episode for the cracks to begin to show. From the antagonism between Pinty and Carla, to the actual cracks in the structure they built, the Vuna tribe faced not only each other, but they also faced the elements.

The only one to come out shining from the episode was Anesu. In a turn of events, rope access technician, Pinty was the second castaway to be voted out. Unlike the cast, the viewers expected the blindside after the antagonistic relationship between Carla and Pinty, which played out throughout the course of the show.

Considering how knowledgeable Mike is about the game, it is surprising how he has gone about his strategy in the game. Maybe he should ask Anesu, who is slowly becoming one of the castaways to watch out for. The doctor, yoga Instructor and businesswoman is currently a part of every alliance in her tribe. She is arguably the most trusted, but most devious in her tribe, as she managed to pull the wool over Pinty’s eyes. If this episode of Survivor SA: Immunity Island proved anything, it was that Anesu might just be a sharp contender for the title of Sole Survivor.

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