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Places you can visit where Game of Thrones was filmed

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Game of Thrones, despite its fictional locations, used real European cities and towns to shoot the series, which the public can visit as tourist destinations.

Game of Thrones was arguably the biggest medieval drama series to have come out of the 2010s. The first season of the show aired in 2011. Subsequent seasons between 2012 and 2019 had record-breaking episodes as the show continued to be the most popular show which would garner the biggest numbers of premium cable TV viewers, who were all watching the show at the same time. The series finale also holds the record for the biggest premium cable TV simultaneously watched episode, with 16.5 million viewers.

A fascination for viewers and fans of the show was whether the locations used to create the world of the story were real. The truth is that as much as the names in the story were fictional, the show utilised location shots for the various cities and towns. Most of the on-location scenes were shot in different places in Europe. However, some shots were shot in a studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Two of the most popular Game of Thrones-inspired tourist destinations include:

      1. Old Town Dubrovnik as King’s Landing:

Old Town Dubrovnik is located in Croatia. The town played the capital of the world of the story. The location was used from season two. Moreover, due to its popularity as a tourist destination, the town has created a Game of Thrones tour to explore the seven kingdoms and virtual experience, using scenes from the show.

      2. Vatnajökull National Park as The Beyond Wall

Located in Iceland, the Vatnajökull National Park served as the location for the White Walkers’ breeding ground scenes. One of the most iconic battles was also shot at this location. Fun fact, do not expect to find similar conditions when visiting the area, as the strong blizzards and ominous feel was more to do with special effects rather than the actual conditions.

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