Prince Kaybee alludes to pursuing legal action against Hazel Mahazard

Prince Kaybee has alluded to his intention to pursue legal action against his alleged mistress, Hazal Mahazard, following the circulation of their private messages and an image of his nether region.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter on Thursday, 6 May 2021, to affirm his intention to send Hazel Mahazard to jail. Mahazard is responsible for leaking private text messages between her and Prince Kaybee, who was allegedly pursuing her. It is believed that Prince Kaybee was already in a relationship with Zola Mhlongo at the time.

After Mahazard publicised screenshots of their conversations and shared an image of his privates, social media was abuzz. The producer-DJ has since affirmed that he intends on sending her to jail, as sharing someone else’s n*des is considered a criminal act.

Mahazard subsequently released a statement apologising and claiming that she did not have an intimate and physical relationship with Prince Kaybee. Despite this, when asked by a fan whether he will take legal action against his alleged mistress, Prince Kaybee replied in the affirmative.

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