Prince Kaybee and Koshiek Karan engage after heated exchange with Euphonik

Prince Kaybee is believed to have chosen his side when he asked financial advisor, and now popular Twitter personality, Koshiek Karan, to follow him back after Karan’s public spat with Euphonik.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter on Wednesday, 27 May 2020, to ask Koshiek Karan to follow him back on the social media platform. The request came after Karan trended for the better part of the day for allegedly “schooling” Euphonik on providing financial advice. Euphonik came under scrutiny for allegedly “window dressing” for the property development agency that he endorses.

Many Twitter users thought that Prince Kaybee asking for a follow back was not a coincidence because before Euphonik and Karan’s spat, Prince Kaybee and Euphonik had faced off on why DJs should stop doing livestreams for free.

Karan agreed to follow Prince Kaybee back, also revealing that he does have some knowledge of house music and DJs by tweeting, “I was just busy with Charlotte,” referencing Prince Kaybee’s hit single. The DJ then posted a subliminal tweet, stating, in part, “You watch a few YouTube videos, you [want to] sound intelligent.”

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