Prince Kaybee and Lady Zamar share images from their recording session

Prince Kaybee and Lady Zamar have shared images of the two of them working together on new music, following their hit 2016 single, Charlotte.

Prince Kaybee shared on Monday, 15 July 2019, that he and Lady Zamar are working with the new signees, Afro Brothers, under his record label, Low Key Records, on their debut lead single.  However, the images that have been shared by the artists only feature the two of them working on new music.

The first image was shared by Lady Zamar on her social media pages on Tuesday, 16 July 2019. It shows the two of them sitting at a table, with Lady Zamar raising her hand for a high five, while Prince Kaybee looks down at what is written on the phone that is between them. Lady Zamar shared the image with a caption that reads, “Never a dull moment. This should be interesting.”

The next image was shared by Prince Kaybee later in the day. Prince Kaybee shared a black-and–white image of the two of them in studio The picture shows Prince Kaybee sitting on at mixing desk and Lady Zamar standing in front of the microphone. In his caption, Prince Kaybee compliments Lady Zamar writing, ”The talent that is Lady Zamar.”

Following this image, Lady Zamar shared a video of the two of them while they were relaxing and playfully interacting with each other. In the video, Prince Kaybee sounds sure that the single they are working on will be as successful as their maiden single, Charlotte, from his 2017 album, I Am Music. Lady Zamar exclaimed that Prince Kaybee might jinx them with his confidence.

It is still unclear whether the single they were working on will be part of Afro Brothers’ music catalogue or Prince Kaybee’s ambitious CrossOver Music EP.

Watch the video of Prince Kaybee and Lady Zamar’s recording session below.


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Recording stuff and this one is tryna jinx it?????

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