Prince Kaybee confirms prevalence of grooming within DJ culture

Prince Kaybee confirmed the prevalence of grooming and an enabling of rape culture within the DJ culture, in light of the damning accusations against Busta 929.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter on Wednesday, 16 June 2021, to confirm the prevalence of grooming and the enabling of an existing rape culture within the DJ industry. The post comes on the back of the damning video of newly acclaimed amapiano producer-DJ, Busta 929. The video features young girls, who are believed to be underaged, in what is said to be his apartment, drinking and smoking with him.

Moreover, one of the girls in the video was recorded dressed in nothing but a towel. The visuals led to suggestions of coitus between Busta 929 and the young girls in the video. This also comes on the back of DJs such as Fresh and Euphonik being publicly “cancelled,” as their alleged grooming and predatorial actions were brought to the fore. The two made headlines earlier in the year.

Prince Kaybee is one of the very few leading DJs that have come out publicly to confirm the prevalence of grooming that is said to be enabled and carried out within the deejaying community. Considering that the industry is very much male-dominated, it is not surprising that men are not coming out against other men who may be guilty of such actions.

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