Prince Kaybee defends his inspirational tweet specifically directed at men

Prince Kaybee remains unapologetic for posting an inspirational tweet directed only at men, after a female social media user suggested that the tweet should have been all inclusive.

On Tuesday, 17 September 2019, popular producer and deejay, Prince Kaybee, posted an inspiration tweet saying, “High five to all the young men getting their money. No matter how little it is, trust me you are going to be successful as long as you mind your business and don’t focus on things that don’t concern you.”

Many of the comments on the post were appreciative of the message. However, one  female user commented on the post by writing, “Young men and women.” Prince Kaybee responded to the follower explaining his unwavering stance of his previous tweet.

In response to the follower, the Re Mmino creator explained that, “It’s about men! Appreciate when I am trying to encourage men, which is something the society never does. It’s men that have the highest suicide rate and highest school dropout rate. So please wait your turn, it’s not always about you!”

Many of his male social media followers took to the comments section to share their appreciation for his tweet and response. One follower said, “No one speaks about it. Kaybee lately you inspire me [even] more.” Another follower, unaware of the statistics, stated, “Wow, thank you for clarifying this!”

Always finding the humour in a situation, some social media users accredited the words of wisdom to his recent public friendship with rapper, AKA. The first follower suggested, “Kaybee after meeting AKA has become so wise.” Another follower wrote, “AKA would agree fully. Wise words.”