Prince Kaybee disagrees with supposed look-a-like, despite public opinion

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to respond to his supposed look-a-like and disagreed with his claims, despite many of his fans seeing a slight resemblance between them.

Prince Kaybee was adamant that he does not look like a Twitter user who shared an image of himself and claimed that he is his look-a-like. In a back-and-forth on Thursday, 13 August 2020, Prince Kaybee stated that he does not see any similarities between him and the user. However, many of his fans disagreed with him and claimed that there is a slight resemblance. The Gugulethu hitmaker then responded, stating, “Please highlight the features that support your statement.”

In a humorous tweet, Prince Kaybee only agreed with a tweet that dubbed his supposed look-a-like “Prince Maybee.” The DJ concluded the interaction by directly addressing a user who labelled him as “unnecessary” for his constant denial. In response, Prince Kaybee compared the user to a man.

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