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Prince Kaybee is in the process of buying the house he promised his mother

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Producer and deejay, Prince Kaybee, has finally bought his mother the house he had vowed to buy for her on social media, detailing how taxing the experience was to purchase the property.

In early October 2019, Prince Kaybee, had taken to social media and tweeted, “I’m craving to buy my mom a house tomorrow [Tuesday, 8 October 2019]. Ok, why not?” Following the tweet, the newly introduced ambassador for Hunters Dry cider then kept mum on the progress he was making with the purchase.

On Wednesday, 30 October 2019, exactly three weeks after he made the proclamation, Prince Kaybee took to Twitter and posted, “So I bought my mom a house because our relationship was a bit off lately. Probably because I’m busy so I don’t see her much. But I made a promise to myself that I won’t see her until she has moved into the new crib. Anyway this purchase process is taking forever. Miss you Ma.”

Prince Kaybee then went onto Instagram to post a video expanding on the why his relationship with his mother is strained. In the video he states, “She’s been on my neck about this house.” He goes on to explain that since making the proclamation about purchasing the house, he has not seen his mother and although he misses her, he only plans to see her when he sees the “look on her face when she is in her brand new crib!”

His fans commented on the post, commending the Fetch Your Life hit maker for keeping his promise. One social media user wrote, “Wow! That is great, brother. Not everybody does that for their mom, it’s super awesome.” Another social media user that shared similar sentiments said, “Congratulations to you and your mother.”

Another follower came to Prince Kaybee’s defence after some social media users lambasted the DJ about his choices, saying, “Those that have a different opinion as to what he should’ve posted [or] tweeted, you also had an option to just scroll or skip the tweet.”

Watch the video of Prince Kaybee explaining the difficulties of buying his mother a house below.

Sabelo Makhubo
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