Prince Kaybee offers legal assistance to victim of an alleged racial hate incident

South African deejay, Prince Kaybee, has offered legal assistance to a social media user’s viral video, revealing how they survived an alleged racially charged incident. 

On Sunday, 15 September 2019, a social media user by the name of Thobekile Mbhele posted a thread revealing how she was a victim of an alleged racially charged hate crime on the side of the road.  Through her thread, Thobekile explained how an Afrikaner white couple assaulted her while at a red traffic light, for no apparent reason.

The two videos shared by the user showed the woman charging at her, shouting at Thobekile to drive away. When the woman reached her car, she tried to stop her from recording the incident. Prince Kaybee retweeted the thread, expressing his anger through the caption he posted. The Gugulethu hitmaker also offered legal assistance to Thobekile, to help her get justice.

In his caption to the retweet, he wrote, “I wish the f*cker would try [and] choke me! Anyway, I can offer you legal assistance if you [are] not sorted! I have a legal team in Bloemfontein where you are. Please let me know.”

Many of his followers commended his willingness to help, with one follower writing, “I thought we only came on to Twitter to express our outrage and move on without finding real solutions. I was wrong. Thank you for putting your money where your mouth is.” Another social media stated, “I [appreciate] a king that’s always willing to help.”

It seems Prince Kaybee was not the only popular media personality triggered by the video. After viewing the thread, South African model and actress, Pearl Thusi said, “Anyone who can help please do! This is terrible!”

Thobekile later responded to Prince Kaybee’s offer to help by thanking him for his support.

Read the full thread below.