Prince Kaybee references bank balance in response to negativity

Prince Kaybee responded to a Twitter user who ridiculed how a stolen image of one of his trucks received more traction than the one he originally posted.

Prince Kaybee addressed the matter of having one of his posts stolen on Twitter on Thursday, 2 July 2020. The Hosh creator had shared an image of his new truck, which was then stolen by another Twitter user who claimed it as her own.

The other user’s tweet received more traction than Prince Kaybee’s, which may have been as a result of the comments and retweets being sent to Prince Kaybee to alert him of the tweet. Another Twitter user then poked fun at Prince Kaybee, highlighting how the stolen image received more traction than his original post.

Prince Kaybee responded by referencing his financial standing, stating that social media traction is of no significance. He ended the post with a vulgar word which had many wondering what happened to his commitment to being less hostile on social media.

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