Prince Kaybee releases birthday mix

Prince Kaybee has released a birthday mix dedicated to his fans, as a way to thank them for the well wishes on his thirty-second birthday.

Prince Kaybee took to Instagram on Friday, 18 June 2021, to confirm the release of his birthday mix on YouTube. The producer-DJ celebrated his thirty-second birthday on Tuesday, 15 June 2021. Prince Kaybee was vocal on Twitter about not being one to normally celebrate his birthday, however, due to his fans taking it upon themselves to wish him well, he dedicated a mix to them for the thoughtful wishes he received on the day.

The nearly hour-long set showcases Prince Kaybee’s deejaying style. The set is an electronic dance music set, with Prince Kaybee incorporating afro and deep house elements within the set. The set forms part of The 4th Republic creator’s YouTube channel-based series, This House Is Not For Sale.

When Prince Kaybee launched the series on his channel, he had canvassed for Black-owned stores to reach out to him. He explained that he planned to play his sets at the premises of the Black-owned businesses. The birthday mix was shot in Cape Town.

Watch the birthday mix below.