Prince Kaybee reminisces about the start of his career and how far he has come

South African musician, Prince Kaybee, took to Instagram to share a throwback status from 2015 which showed him promoting one of his first singles, Better Days.

In an Instagram post today, 22 April 2020, Prince Kaybee shared an image sent to him by a fan on Twitter, which showed a Facebook status from 2015. The throwback image showed the musician at the start of his career when he was promoting his song, Better Days. In the status, he explained that he was planning on doing things differently in order to achieve his goals, and would be premiering his song on a local radio station. Adding he also welcomed comments from the listeners, as he was willing to take the constructive criticism.

The image was captioned with, “This was me in 2015. I was hungry. I was full of ambition. In my head, I knew nothing was going to stop me and nothing did.” He explained that he did everything he could to promote his music, as no one knew him at the time. He touched on the fact that those who doubted his success have remained quiet in recent years, proving the only way to quieten the critics is to become successful.

See the post below.