Prince Kaybee replaces AKA in celebrity boxing match

Prince Kaybee has agreed to fight Cassper Nyovest in the previously promoted boxing match which was set to be between Nyovest and AKA but ultimately never took place.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter on Tuesday, 25 May 2021, to agree to a celebrity boxing match against Cassper Nyovest. The change in opponent comes after over a year of a back-and-forth between Nyovest and his industry rival, AKA over the anticipated boxing match. Prince Kaybee agreed to the match after what he perceived as bait from Nyovest, who is said to have unblocked him on Twitter so that he would see his suggestive posts.

Nyovest and Prince Kaybee have had an antagonistic relationship on social media, however, the origins thereof are still unclear. Their animosity reached its peak back in 2019, when Prince Kaybee gave Nyovest the nickname “Shotpan,” which has since become a term of ridicule.

The Hosh hitmaker contextualised his readiness by explaining that he is still dealing with a sprained wrist from his encounter with a burglar who attempted to break into his home. However, he stipulated that he will be ready for the fight when the date is set. Moreover, Prince Kaybee stated that he is not in it for the money, but rather, to win the fight and throw in a few good punches.

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