Prince Kaybee responds to Black Coffee’s question in defence of Euphonik

Prince Kaybee has responded to the question posed by Black Coffee this morning, following the public spat involving fellow entertainer, Euphonik, and financial advisor, Koshiek Karan.

Prince Kaybee finally responded to the question posed by Black Coffee, following the Gugulethu hitmaker’s  subliminal tweet speculated to have been directed at Euphonik, on Thursday, 28 May 2020. In a post that was meant to ridicule Prince Kaybee, Black Coffee asked if he considered himself a celebrity.

While many eagerly awaited a heated back-and-forth exchange between the two, Prince Kaybee’s response to Black Coffee was succinct and addressed the question without leaving room for further discussion. Equally closed off, Black Coffee responded with a mere “Okay.”

Prince Kaybee continued addressing Black Coffee’s subliminal tweet by stating that the question was rhetorical, hence his response. He went on to make his allegiance clear against his fellow DJs, sharing a screenshot of his private interaction with Koshiek Karan.

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