Prince Kaybee reveals arm tattoos of his hit singles

South African producer and deejay, Prince Kaybee, shared a video on Twitter revealing that he has tattooed some of his hit singles and years of release on his arm.

On Thursday, 19 September 2019, Chaymamusique posted a video revealing that he was in studio working with celebrated producer and deejay, Prince Kaybee, and house duo, Black Motion. However, what many of his and Prince Kaybee’s followers focussed on was the significance of the tattoos on his left arm.

While taking the video, Chymamusique focuses on Prince Kaybee’s toned arm that reveals that the Fetch Your Life hitmaker has tattooed his hit singles on his arms, from his first hit single, Better Days, featuring Audrey in 2015, right down to Club Controller with LaSoulMates, featuring TNS and Zanda Zakuza in 2018. Prince Kaybee has yet to update the arm piece with his 2019 hit singles.

The video is time stamped, revealing that the musicians were working together at 02:19. Some of the comments were of surprise at the time that the artists were in studio, working. One such comment stated, “Wow, some people [really] don’t sleep out there? I remember the song, Egoli by Mlindo…he was [right]. People working for [their] money out there and they don’t rest until they [get] it. Well done team. Work hard Prince Kaybee.”

However, may of the comments were about Prince Kaybee’s tattoos. One of the first comments on the video praised Prince Kaybee’s inspiring tattoos, writing, “Prince Kaybee has a tattoo of his hits? Dope!” Another social media user picked out his favourite single from the list inscribed on his arm writing, “I’m glad that Prince Kaybee has realised that Kao Rata is a hit track, that track brother man! Ah, [It is one of my favourites]. Prince man, the ninja is flames.”

Watch the video showing Prince Kaybee’s tattoos below.