Prince Kaybee shares first visuals from Hosh music video

Prince Kaybee revealed that he is currently shooting the Hosh music video by sharing two behind-the-scenes images on social media.

Prince Kaybee took to social media to share the first visuals from his upcoming Hosh music video on Thursday, 2 July 2020. Hosh is one of two singles that Prince Kaybee is currently promoting, along with his house ballad, Ayabulela.

The two images that Prince Kaybee shared allude to the narrative of the music video and, for the first time in a while, the music video might not see him driving a car. The celebrated DJ plays the role of a jail warden, alongside friend and R&B vocalist, Donald.

The prisoners are featured in all the promotional images across his social media pages. Donald, on the other hand, is only featured in Prince Kaybee’s Instagram Stories and the promotional posts on Twitter.

See the posts below.