Prince Kaybee shooting a music video for Fetch Your Life

Taking to social media on Tuesday, 2 April 2019, Prince Kaybee has revealed he is shooting the music video for his single Fetch Your Life, featuring Msaki.

Producer and DJ Prince Kaybee shared an image taken from the behind-the-scenes of the third day of shooting the music video for his latest single Fetch Your Life on his social media pages. The single is from his acclaimed third studio album Re Mmino. The image he shared features a girl sitting on steps and looking into the camera, the director is looking over the cinematographer’s shoulder and a third person is taking photographs on the side.

The song features Msaki and follows hit songs Club Controller featuring TNS and vocalist Zanda Zakuza and Banomoya, which also features TNS as well as Busiswa.

Each of the singles have music videos that accompany them, with Fetch Your Life also receiving visuals. There are no clear details as to where the video is shot, or what the premise of the music video will be. The image shared by the artist does not reveal who the director and producer of the music video are.

Fans have exclaimed their excitement and anticipation for the video’s release and further expressed excitement to see what the DJ has envisioned for the visuals of the hit song.