Prince Kaybee sparks conversation with latest post

Prince Kaybee’s latest image posted on Twitter has received attention because of the visible print, which led to social media users referencing his recent scandal.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter on Tuesday, 10 August 2021, to share an image of himself in what appears to be his home gym. He captioned the image, “Locked in.” However, the image received attention for a reason other than the Hosh hitmaker’s exercise routine. The image showcases a noticeable print which was highlighted numerous times in the comments section.

The interest was piqued by one of the most recent social media scandals that involved the producer-DJ. In June 2021, Prince Kaybee had images of himself without his pants leaked by his alleged mistress at the time, Hazel MaHazard. The images received attention as commentators remarked on the size of Prince Kaybee’s member. Following the scandal, the producer-DJ has been plagued with references to the image.

Hence with the latest image, his followers could not help but suggestively comment too. Prince Kaybee has made it clear that social media users who continue to circulate the leaked image run the risk of being criminally charged for distributing it.

See the post below.