Prince Kaybee steps up to clean up communities after looting

Prince Kaybee will be in Daveyton to assist with cleaning the streets, as he has committed to seeing through his pledge to support those affected by the current unrest.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter on Wednesday, 14 July 2021, to state what actions he is taking to make a physical stand against the current unrest and looting that is ongoing in the country. The producer-DJ is one of the first media personalities to back his words up, as he was vocal in his opposition to the ongoing looting.

So far, media personalities have either only commented on the status quo locally, or have explained that their silence is due to fears of the backlash they might face should they voice their stance on the matter. However, there have not been many that have committed to visiting affected communities, or as Prince Kaybee has done, committed to working with a community to restore peace.

While his actions are commendable, Prince Kaybee managed to quip with his followers after a female Twitter user suggested that he should arrive with clothes to wear after he has slept over. In response to the Twitter user, the Fetch Your Life hitmaker questioned the intention behind the tweet.

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