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Prince Kaybee teases upcoming Gugulethu music video

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House DJ and producer Prince Kaybee released the teaser for his upcoming Gugulethu music video on social media on Thursday, 23 May 2019.

The teaser showcases singer-songwriter Indlovukazi, who belts out the vocals for the dance track whilst on the streets of the Cape Town township, Gugulethu. Dressed in an olive-green dress, the singer performs for a large crowd of citizens who spectate. Prince Kaybee is seen driving through the streets at night in an old-school red car, whilst a young woman sits in the passenger seat. The teaser was shared on Prince Kaybee’s social media platforms with a simple caption stating, “Video dropping next week. #Gugulethu”.

The single was originally released in March 2019, along with the release of his recent album Re Mmino. The song was made popular when it was originally arranged by YFM’s DJ Supta, featuring the Afro Brothers. The song was then reworked by Prince Kaybee who later added singer Indlovukazi to bring in the vocals to the upbeat song. The dance track pays homage to the township of Gugulethu, highlighting all its intricacies.  The teaser hears a snippet of the chorus, which incorporates a dance-heavy instrumental alongside Indlovukazi’s vocals which repeat the township’s name.

In a post shared on Tuesday, 14 May 2019, the DJ showcases the featured artists which include Indlovukazi, DJ Supta as well as the Afro Brothers with TDK Macassette, who makes a cameo in the music video, at a promotional event for the single. The short clip was accompanied by an instrumental of the song, along with a few seconds of the chorus.

The official release date of the Gugulethu music video has not been announced, yet.

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