Prince Kaybee: To say “alcohol made me” is a reach

Prince Kaybee weighed in on the reopening of liquor stores, with many of his followers stating that he should not discourage it because alcohol contributed greatly to his current success.

Prince Kaybee stood firm behind his tweet advising people not to buy alcohol on Monday, 1 June 2020. The Fetch Your Life hitmaker suggested that the money should, instead, be injected back into the economy, rather than buying alcohol.

The tweet came as the nation celebrated the reopening of liquor stores under Level 3 of the national lockdown, which was topical on the day. Prince Kaybee highlighted the stress that alcohol abuse puts on the health system. He went on to state that the health system should be prioritising sickly people, rather than drunk drivers who got injured due to their own negligence.

Fans then argued that alcohol is what filled the clubs and parties he played at and, ultimately, what made him successful. The producer rubbished the suggestions, stating, “To say ‘alcohol made me’ is a reach. I have a right to be concerned about the safety of people that support my music.”

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