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Prince Kaybee wards off big brands offering minimal compensation

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Prince Kaybee has weighed in on the considerably low income that musicians have made throughout the pandemic, further advising others to decline offers from big brands offering poor compensation.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter on Tuesday, 12 January 2021, to share his thoughts on the current economic climate and the impact thereof on musicians, who have had a considerable decrease in income in recent months. The conversation started when a fan asked for his opinion on what he believes will be the result of the pandemic on artists.

Prince Kaybee responded, “I guess we need to pick up where we left off, no need to start from zero. I’m always concerned about music, not really a fan of other things an artist does but the music. So, it will also be interesting where artists will be musically post the pandemic.”

A user then tried to criticise him for supposedly taking it personally, following rumours that he was rejected from participating in a campaign on the alcohol ban because of his tattoos. Prince Kaybee stated, “One thing about me this year, is that you can miss me with the negativity.” He then moved on to discuss big brands offering little compensation for campaigns, based on the fact that they know that musicians are desperate.

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