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Prince Shadow documents fake lifestyles in C Within music video, featuring Big Zulu and Steph Solo

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Prince Shadow has released the C Within music video, featuring Big Zulu and Steph Solo, which showcases the lengths some people go to in order to create a certain image of themselves.

Prince Shadow’s music video for his new single, C Within, featuring Big Zulu and Steph Solo, was released on Friday, 26 March 2021. The Ofentse Mwase Films-produced visual begins with Prince Shadow working as a mechanic, where he shares his plans to become unbelievably rich with one of his colleagues. He then transitions into a dream-like state, where he is joined by a beautiful woman who dances beside him after being impressed by his social status.

Featured artist, Steph Solo, performs her verses on the street, whilst posing on a luxury car whilst heavily pregnant. Big Zulu makes his appearance in the party scenes of the music video, where he delivers his individual verse in a red-lit room.

According to the YouTube caption of the video, “In any community around the world, children grow up looking at life with a one-dimensional perspective that is most likely given to by parents, guardian, or the community at large, where life is expected to be soft. It is perpetuated [until] adulthood where even youth or young adults do not give up to living within the soft life side of the table, some even end up faking it. Here is a typical youngster, dreamer, that is seen within.”

Watch the C Within music video below.

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