Raised By Wolves season 3: What we know detailed

Raised by Wolves recently concluded season two, and news of season three’s renewal has not yet been confirmed by HBO Max.


Raised By Wolves is the thrilling sci-fi series by HBO Max, which concluded its second season in March 2022. A season that took two years to be made after the premiere of the first, following delays brought on by the pandemic, which affected the rollout.

Fans of the series hope this will not be the case with season three. Although, to date, HBO Max has yet to confirm the renewal of the series for a new season.

That being said, the show’s writer, Aaron Guzikowski has confirmed already working on the third season, as we all wait for HBO Max’s confirmation.

What is Raised By Wolves?

Raised By Wolves is the HBO Max sci-fi series which first premiered on the channel in 2020.

The series was created by Aaron Guzikowski and the premise imagines an alternate universe where “Androids are tasked with raising human children on a mysterious planet.”

Though the premise of the show has won the fans over, it has been touted due to the influence of executive producer and acclaimed auteur, Ridley Scott.

The show features Travis Fimmel in the title role of Marcus, born Caleb, and breakout stars from the series, Amanda Collin and Abubakar Salim as Mother and Father, respectively.

In 2022, the series returned with its second season, which continued to enthral fans of the series.

Raised By Wolves season 3: What we know detailed

The last episode of Raised By Wolves season two aired in March 2022. The season finale episode affirmed the possibility of a season three, as many of its plot points were left open-ended, which also gives the new season room to play and explore surprising character arcs.

The finale, which was titled Happiness, showed Mother wearing Grandmother’s veil in order to use its emotion-blocking ability to kill her flying serpent baby.

Grandmother, on other hand, planned to devolve the children in an effort to save humanity. When Mother found out about it, she confronted Grandmother, only to be overpowered and entrapped by her.

While the story might have been left open-ended in order to allow the writers to imagine where the third season could go, the final matter is not up to the series, but the channel.

Currently, HBO Max has not shared any official word on whether the series is renewed or cancelled. Although, the silence could also be a positive sign, as it means that the show has not been cancelled.

Aaron Guzikowski is optimistic about season three renewal

One person that is optimistic about the future of the sci-fi thrilling series, Raised By Wolves, is showrunner and creator, Aaron Guzikowski.

Guzikowski was interviewed by Collider, when he affirmed his uncertainty about a season three renewal, but he maintains his optimism, sharing, “Who’s to say whether or not it will get ordered to production if we’ll get to that point.”

Going on to add, “But I have to keep working on it because if it does get ordered – we have no source material, so I have to keep writing it.”

Aaron Guzikowski teasing Raised by Wolves season 3 

Following the conclusion of season two of Raised by Wolves in March 2022, Aaron Guzikowski gave another interview, this time with Entertainment Weekly.

During the interview, the showrunner and creator, teased details about what fans can expect in the third season by stating:

“It hasn’t been officially greenlit, but I am working on it. And quite a bit is worked out. Quite a bit is worked out beyond that, and there’s quite a bit that will change, I think. I’m just looking for the best possible way to tell the story, so every day that changes a little bit to make it better, I think. But the plan and the themes and the point of it all, the soul of it, is definitely worked out.”

When is Raised by Wolves season 3 set for release?

Considering that the release dates of seasons one and two of Raised by Wolves were not consistent to each other due to delays brought on by the pandemic, attempting to predict a release date for season three is going to be difficult.

Add the fact that HBO Max has yet to confirm the renewal of the series. However, should the series be confirmed for a third season within the first half of this year, then the airing of season three can be expected for late summer or early fall 2023.

However, the longer HBO Max takes to announce a renewal, the longer the waiting time is extended.

Final thoughts

Raised By Wolves returned after an almost two-year hiatus caused by delays which affected the film and television industry as a result of COVID-19. The series second season premiered in 2022, and the show has only affirmed its popularity with the new season.

However, the conclusion of season two in March 2022 opened questions about whether there will be a third instalment of the series on HBO Max. To date, HBO Max has remained mum, but showrunner Aaron Guzikowski has confirmed that he has started working on the new season, as he too waits for HBO Max to renew the series.