Rapper, AKA’s latest controversial tweet reminds social media users of the “old” AKA

Following his unapologetic thread of boastful tweets on Saturday, 24 August 2019, Twitter users are convinced that rapper, AKA, is back to his old social media persona.

South African hip-hop artist, AKA, took to social media on Saturday, 24 August 2019, to share that he has been leading the local hip-hop industry. In a thread, the artist first stated, “I’ve had the longest run at the top in SA hip-hop history.”

Following this initial tweet, a debate in the comments section ensued, with one follower writing, “Cassper is still alive, Mega, stop embarrassing yourself.” Another fan, who disagreed, suggested another name, stating, “I have to disagree bro, HHP had the longest run and his body of work speaks for itself. 6/8 albums in if [I’m] not lying…”

However, as the debate continued in the comments section, the Touch My Blood hitmaker was unmoved, saying that any opinions that were not in agreement with him were insignificant. It was that tweet that reminded his followers of the old, controversial rapper.

One follower, who enjoyed the rapper’s past antics, encouraged the behaviour, writing, “This is the Supa Mega I [want to] see” Another fan who was reminded of the old controversial comments made by the rapper in the past, added, “Yep, the old AKA is back. I guess he ran [out of] water.” Another fan commented on the post sarcastically, writing, “What a mature way to handle difference in opinion or taste…”

However, it seems that other media personalities agreed with the rapper’s sentiments, with Sizwe Dhlomo writing, “He’s not wrong you know…” Leading hip-hop influencer in South Africa.”, Siyabonga “Scoop Makhathini” Ngwekazi also commented agreeably, writing, “You revived this game when it was in a coma and had no money in it and nobody looked at it as a commodity… You made everyone after you want to be a rapper and want to be you… And you are still at the pinnacle. You know very well how much I idolise you.”