Rapper, Sho Madjozi’s fans rally behind her after social media user tries to discredit her talent

Social media users took to Twitter to defend artist, Sho Madjozi, after an individual tried to use the colourism conversation to take away from the artist’s COLORS performance reaching one million views.

South African rapper, Sho Madjozi, took to social media on Wednesday, 21 August 2019, to celebrate that her COLORS performance for the song, John Cena, has reached one million views on YouTube in just seven days. The artist celebrated the news with her fans, but one social media user took the opportunity to try and debate whether it was the song or the artist’s complexion that was the reason for the single’s success.

The follower took to Twitter on Thursday, 22 August 2019, and asked, “Are you hyping #JohnCena because it’s on [an] international platform by a [light-skinned] chick or it’s really dope! I am not fighting just asking?” Many of the responses to the post tagged the Huku hitmaker to show their support for the song and the artist.

It did not take long before social media rallied against the snide remark and defended the artist and her success. The first comment highlighted that the tweet was from someone who was also light-skinned, writing, “You’re a [light-skinned] chick, why don’t you sing something and let’s see if we would hype it up because of that…” In her defence she stated, “I am not biracial but coloured, get your facts straight.”

Another social media user that came to Sho Madjozi’s defence wrote, “Because it’s a dope track, to a point that it was complimented by a living legend like Missy Elliot. What does colour have to do with this though? Not fighting either, just curious.”

Other fans of the artist accused the social media user of seeking relevance through her tweet, stating, “Because its viral, people like riding waves on some sheep mentality, regardless of the quality of the [song], people [fear missing out on relevance], they will hop on any new thing.”

Watch Sho Madjozi’s COLORS performance below.


About Sho Madjozi  

Sho Madjozi is a Limpopo-born musician who has admitted that she initially wanted to be a writer. Her big break in the music industry came when she offered to pen some of Okmalumkoolkat’s singles, which led to him asking to feature her on his hit single, Gqi. The song became a smash hit and went on to propel Sho Madjozi’s career into mainstream stardom. Since then, many have questioned her categorisation as a rapper, whilst others have discredited and ridiculed her music, despite her boasting international success as an Epic Records signee.