Rea Tsotella highlights the struggles of being the breadwinner

Rea Tsotella’s latest episode highlighted the power struggles of being the breadwinner as a working-class Black man, and the pushback of it often not being enough. 

Moja Love took to Twitter on Monday, 2 August 2021, to share a preview of the then upcoming episode of Rea Tsotella. The episode focused on a wife bringing her husband to the show, alleging that the money he has goes to his alleged mistress. Moreover, she claimed that their daughter is the family’s breadwinner, doing so through her relationship with various partners.

However, through the airing of the episode, the picture painted of the family dynamics revealed a different situation. This is as the episode showcased a working-class Black man attempting to do all in his power to support his family with the little income he has. Moreover, it also highlighted that the mother and daughter have both reduced his experiences to not being enough due to what he brings in. All of this regardless of the fact that he is doing the best he can.

Additionally, the complaints of the daughter were further diluted as she divulged her own story. The daughter is a mother to multiple children who still live with her and her parents. Therefore, the provisions that her father is supposed to bring home are meant to accommodate her children too. This matter did not sit well with viewers, as they highlighted that the responsibility of the man’s grandchildren should not be his to bear, but rather, the mother’s.

Overall, the show highlighted the complexities of being the breadwinner, especially one that is not above the minimum wage line. Moreover, it highlighted the pressure placed on breadwinners by their dependents, who sometimes do not take into regard the efforts made by the breadwinner to provide for the family.

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