Rea Tsotella: Man of God scams people of their money

Last night’s episode of Rea Tsotella saw a man, claiming to be working as a religious leader, scam a host of people as he coerced them into joining his business.

The latest episode of Moja Love’s Rea Tsotella, which aired on Monday, 8 July 2019, saw a man claiming to be working for a company under the name of Diamond Housing, being confronted about his illegitimate business. Host, Bishop I Makamu, posed hard-hitting questions at the man in question, leaving him at a loss for words. The episode opened with one of his victims, who explained that after she was employed by him, he failed to pay any of the employees. The host then called him onto stage, where he urged him to own up to his crimes.

Moja Love shared the preview of the latest episode with the caption, “How do you deal with a man of God, A Bishop that you trust with your life and he uses that to his advantage to scam you a lot of money?”. Viewers shared their harsh feelings towards the man on Facebook, with some stating that it goes against all religious beliefs to hide behind God when committing any crime. Others questioned the naivety of the victims, stating that one should not believe everyone who claims they fear God.

Rea Tsotella is a confrontational conflict resolution reality talk show which focuses on family, romantic and business relationships. Host Bishop I Makamu serves as mediator and helps all parties come to a constructive conclusion.

Rea Tsotella airs on Mondays at 21:30 on Moja Love, DStv channel 157.

Watch the preview for the latest episode of Rea Tsotella below.