Rea Tsotella: Mechanic scams people of their cars and money

Monday night’s episode of Rea Tsotella saw host, Bishop I Makamu, sit down with a man who has scammed numerous people by pretending to be a reputable mechanic.

The latest episode of Moja Love’s Rea Tsotella, which aired on Monday, 15 July 2019, showcased the story of an elderly man who posed as a reputable mechanic, acquiring thousands of Rands from unsuspecting victims. One of his clients appeared on the show to recount his experience with the so-called mechanic, stating that he sent his car to be fixed, along with purchasing various parts for the car, only for him to polish it and not fix it. When the mechanic joined Bishop Makamu and the client on stage, he denied all the claims made against him, resulting in a physical altercation. The client pulled the chair from underneath him, causing him to fall onto the floor, with the show’s body guards being called for protection.

Viewers of the show took to social media to offer stories of their own experiences, which has caused them to only use well-known service providers. Xianx Shalom stated, “I took mine to a so-called reputable mechanic and paid a lot for it. Come back with parts missing they even stole the car name tag.” Another viewer also commented on the naivety of the clients, stating, “Shame, [people] should learn to take their cars to reputable mechanics.”

Rea Tsotella is a confrontational conflict resolution reality talk show, which focuses on family, romantic and business relationships. Host, Bishop I Makamu, serves as the mediator and helps both parties come to a constructive conclusion.

Rea Tsotella airs on Mondays at 21:30 on Moja Love, DStv channel 157.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Rea Tsotella below.