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Reason to release multiple music videos from his album Azania

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Listen to Reason’s new album, Azania

Hip-hop artist Reason took to his Twitter page on Monday, 15 April 2019, to ask fans which four songs from his latest studio, Azania, deserve music videos.

The rapper first announced the news that he was planning on shooting four music videos for songs on his 2018 released fifth studio album, Azania. The second part of his engagement with his over three hundred thousand followers was asking them which songs off the album should receive music videos.

Although the album was released over six months ago, Reason has done minimal promotion of the album since its release. The only single officially released from the album precedes the release of the actual album and was the title song, which featured international hip-hop entrepreneur and artist, Swizz Beats. The single, Azania, was released in April 2018.

Fans have expressed their excitement and surprise that the rapper is planning on shooting multiple music videos for songs on his album. The tweet has been retweeted over fifty times at present and currently sits with over two hundred and fifty comments, all participating in trying to help the rapper choose which four singles deserve a music video.

So far, the comments have revealed three fan-favourites which fans feel deserve visuals. The first is track two on the album, Nkosi Yam’, an isiZulu and English trap influenced hip-hop song. Second is the socio-economics commentary single and track four on the album, Cashless Society, featuring Ginger Trill, and the third is the title track of the album, Azania.

Other frequently mentioned songs were 10111 featuring The Muffinz, Champagne And Water and Home Alone featuring Una Rams.

Sabelo Makhubo
[email protected]