Riding With Sugar premieres on Netflix

Riding With Sugar is a South African coming-of-age movie which has premiered on Netflix worldwide, and has received rave reviews for its talent and storyline.

Riding With Sugar, directed by Sunu Gonera, premiered on Netflix on Friday, 27 November 2020. The movie stars up-and-coming actor, Charles Mnene in the lead role of aspiring BMX rider, Joshua. As his career seems to be taking off, he meets with a devastating accident that leaves his knee shattered. With no indication of where his life will end up due to his injury, he is given shelter and a job by Mambo, who houses refugee teenagers from all over Africa.

Whilst at the boarding house, he meets Olivia, a talented young dancer of mixed race from a prestigious family. Olivia introduces him to a world he has never known before. Her insights allow him to become wary of Mambo’s intentions, which appear to not be in his best interest.

Watch the trailer of Riding With Sugar below.