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Robbie Wessels releases Kampioen music video

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Robbie Wessels has released the music video for his latest single, Kampioen, which sees him and his on-screen love interest being chased by an assassin.

Robbie Wessels’ Kampioen music video was released on Friday, 15 January 2021, and has garnered well over 30 000 views over the weekend. The song, which translates to “champion” in English, hears the Afrikaans musician expressing his ability to be strong and brave, despite any challenges that may come his way.

The visuals begin with him having a romantic picnic with his love interest whilst fishing, before an unknown man approaches them and fires a shot in their direction. Robbie and his love interest immediately run to their van and enter into a high-speed car chase, which results in the assassin catching up to them at a dam.

Once being face-to-face with the antagonist, the singer has no choice but to muster up the courage and engage in a physical battle, in order to protect his love interest. Ultimately, he manages to inflict severe pain on the man who falls to the ground, giving them the opportunity to escape on a water bike.

Watch the Kampioen music video below.

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